SB Staff Picks 2008: Chris Rasco

December 19, 2008

Game of the Year awards are almost never consensus picks. Different gamers like different types of games. Here at Snackbar Games, we have a diverse staff of writers and editors, and between now and the end of the year, they’ll each be telling you, however they choose, about their top ten of ’08. We round out the first week with head honcho Chris Rasco’s top…9. Budget cuts?

9. Warrior’s Orochi 2

More of the same hack and slash action that KOEI has been putting out for years, but I just can’t get enough of it. The tweaks this year have kept me playing since it’s release. Since there isn’t really anything groundbreaking going on here, I couldn’t put it any higher on my list for 2008.

8. Wii Fit

Despite the quirky nature of many of the Wii titles, Wii Fit included, I really enjoy what Wii Fit is doing for gaming. It really delivers on the promise that the Wii is the truly interactive gaming system. Not to mention that it’s a true workout if you stick with it and do it for 20-30 minutes a day.

7. Boom Blox

If the kids didn’t get this for me for my birthday, I would have missed out on one of the years top titles. Boom Blox is one part carnival game, one part reverse Jenga, and one part frustration. What you end up with is a really entertaining game that I love playing with the kids.

6. Rock Band 2

What else can be said about Rock Band 2 that already hasn’t been said? It’s a minor upgrade to the previous release that shattered the model of musical rhythm games. Rock Band 2 is all about perfection, and it’s hard to imagine how much better the franchise can get from here. We don’t play it often, but getting to rock out like a superstar with my kids as my supporting band mates? Awesome.

5. LEGO Indiana Jones

I’m a sucker for LEGO games and I just can’t help but enjoy the love child of LEGO and one of my favorite movies. Great puzzles, entertaining cut scenes, and tons of replay value. LEGO Indiana Jones was a huge relief to what could have ended up as a rehashed concept that could have been great. In the end, it’s a solid title worth every penny.

4. LEGO Batman

4 and 5 are really interchangeable here, because I share similar sentiment about both of these LEGO titles. Traveller’s Tales couldn’t have done a better job on these games if they’d have tried.

3. Gears of War 2

The only way to describe GoW2 is to call it Epic (no pun intended). The story picks up and so does your pulse. Beautiful environments and awesome gameplay make Gears 2 my favorite shooter of the year.

2. Mirror’s Edge

A late entry for sure, but one I’m glad I had a chance to play. Mirror’s Edge is the second most innovative title I’ve played this year and it’s a real joy. A title that is tough to describe for sure, but one that I think everyone needs to at least witness in person. Definitely a real treat from the folks at EA.

1. de Blob

My top title of 2008, de Blob. An absolutely stunning concept made better by impeccable gameplay, artwork, and storyline. A few faults here and there, but hands down my most memorable title this year. de Blob is the type of title that reminds us what out of the box thinking can produce and how to keep out of the rut. The year would have been a little more plain without de Blob.