SB Staff Picks 2008: Paul Bishop

December 22, 2008

Game of the Year awards are almost never consensus picks. Different gamers like different types of games. Here at Snackbar Games, we have a diverse staff of writers and editors, and between now and the end of the year, they’ll each be telling you, however they choose, about their top ten of ’08. Staff writer Paul Bishop’s short list might make Sony fanboys smile a bit.

Fortunately this year, I finally got an Xbox 360, so a lot of the games I loved this year were from previous years as I got caught up. Of the releases this year, I could only give this honor to 7 games. In no particular order, my top 7 are:

God of War: Chains of Olympus (PSP) – A perfect game for the PSP, which carries all of the action of the previous titles in a portable format.

Final Fantasy: Crisis Core (PSP) – Another beautiful game from beginning to end that is particularly more poignant for FFVII fans. Hours and hours of extra missions make this an ideal game for the RPG enthusiast on the go. Now they need to re-release FFVII on the PSP.

Metal Gear Solid IV (PS3) – Epic storytelling, with stunning graphics. This game sets the bar high for production and polish.

Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3) – Just awesome. I still find myself pulling out my copy to drive through the streets of Liberty City just to take in the sites and depth of the world.

Fallout 3 (360) – I am a huge fan of Oblivion but not so much the combat in it. So when you add the VATs system to the mix and an already established post-apocalyptic world, you have a winner by far and large.

Wrath of the Lich King (PC) – You really have to hand it to Blizzard, they know what works. Not too proud to borrow and steal they are constantly improving the core game for the better. Lich King is no exception giving amazing scenery and gameplay making the trek to 80 all the more enjoyable.

Persona 4 (PS2) – Still playing this now, but being a huge fan of the SMT series of games, this one proves that this company can do almost no wrong. Now they need to release a next gen game.