SB Teamspeak news

June 21, 2006

I regret to inform you that our Team Speak Server will be shutting down. The TS admin has this to say to you.

“It’s been a blast over these last few years being able to provide reliable voice communication to our friends. TeamSpeak worked well and thankfully, many other options have since surfaced. There is Ventrilo, Skype, and VOIP is built directly in games and consoles now, not to mention voice-enabled IM software are all available.

I’m going to be shutting down the TS server in another few weeks. You guys represent the various groups that have previously used the TS server, and may still be currently using it. If there’s a problem with that service just disappearing tomorrow and any data associated with it being scattered to the four winds, you need to let me know asap. ”

If there are any problems feel free to email myself or Snowcone.