SCEA Confirms 40GB PS3 For US

October 18, 2007

Sony officially confirmed the release of a 40GB version of the PS3 in the US this morning. This new SKU has dropped backwards compatibility and carries with it a $400 price tag. At the same time, its 80GB sibling will see a drop in price from $600 to $500.

The new model is set for release in the US on November 2nd. After it’s release in the UK and subsequent price drop for the 60GB model, the PS3 saw it’s third highest selling week in the UK since it’s release late last year.

The move to drop backwards compatibility was attributed to Sony’s stance that BC is a “secondary consideration” for gamers. They plan to utilize the PS2 to appeal to PS2 gamers and use the PS3 to appeal to PS3 gamers. What then Sony if someone happens to like BOTH of your systems, as wacky as that may sound?

Here’s to hoping at some point in the future there is a low priced fully BC PS3 coming.