Shadowrun Goes Gold… Twice

May 9, 2007

Microsoft’s first cross platform LIVE enabled title, Shadowrun, has gone gold… twice. The title is slated for release on Xbox 360 as well as Windows Vista and should be available on May 29th. The team behind this ground-breaking concept, FASA Studio, is the same team that worked on MechAssault for the original Xbox.

Shadowrun allows up to 16 players to play together across Xbox Live and the Games for Windows Live network. The game will ship with 9 unique maps and 3 additional map variations that showcase the games’ dynamic environments.

Xbox gamers can pick up Shadownrun for $59.99 while their PC counterparts will only have to shell out $49.99 for the Windows Vista version of the game. If you haven’t heard anything about Shadowrun, you can check out our massive preview of Shadowrun or our post beta coverage.