Show Your Allegiance With Gamer Bling

July 19, 2007

Have you ever been sitting at home, playing for favorite video game and be struck by the feeling that what was missing from the experience was a ring, bracelet, or even a body piercing reflecting the very game you happen to be playing? Neither have I.

But for those of you who have the itch that only bling can scratch, Gamer Jewelry is a company based out of San Diego that specializes in creating custom video game themed jewelry.

While only three demo pieces are pictured on the site, including rings reflecting both Prey and Quake, a request form on the site details several games that the company is apparently ready and willing to craft jewelry about should you so desire.

These games run the complete gamut, from the mainstream (Battlefield 2142) to the outright obscure (EyeToy: Operation Spy). There’s even an option for Romancing SaGa… now I’m in for some soul searching. Just how big of a geek am I?

Even so, I’m not sure I can put too much trust in any company, even one that professes to be comprised of well known game developers and content providers, if that same organization can’t spell the name of one of the most popular contemporary video games on the market. It’s four letters people.

Says the website: “Gamer Jewelry designs rings and accessories for gamers and geeks. The company is working on a whole line of jewelry inspired by games like DOOM, Quake, Prey, and HALLO as well by the hacker and computer culture. Our rings are made of sterling silver, gold and other precious metals.”