Silent Hill Origins info pile

December 6, 2006

Quite a lot of news have surfaced regarding Silent Hill Origins for the PSP. Here are the details:

– The game will be a prequel to SH1, but the ending will have a tie-in with the original
– The radio and flashlight (though changed) will return
– The laser aiming has been changed to something new
– You can put items into crates, but if you want to take them out, you can only do that if you return to the crate in which you put your things in (meaning, unlike Resident Evil where you could access all of your dumped stuff at every crate)
– There will be many old, familiar areas you will visit, but plenty of new ones including a sanatarium and a slaughterhouse
– Akira Yamaoka will once again make the music for the game, with 15 new songs
– The game is 70% completed, the release is most likely sometime February next year
– A PS2 port is possible, according to the producer

This sounds pretty good, but it will be interesting how a game like Silent Hill will transfer to the PSP.