Snackbar Games T-Shirts

April 19, 2005

Many of you are familiar with our current line of merchandise that is run through CafePress. CafePress made sense at the time we launched the site since we haven’t had to pony up any of the costs associated with a line of merchandise, but I am honestly not happy with the iron transfer style shirts they sell. I will admit they are the best iron transfer shirts I have ever seen, but they still lack a feel of quality that I want associated with Snackbar Games.

With that said, I am currently waiting on Pretzel to get back with me on where I can pick up the sample shirt that we recently had printed. As soon as I get it in hand you can bet I will post pictures for you all to see. What I want to know is how many of you would be interested in purchasing these fantastic shirts, how much you would be willing to pay, etc. Obviously the answers to these questions hinge on the final product so I will update this post just as soon as I get a picture of the shirt.

Stay tuned…