Some Halo 3 Details

October 27, 2006

Some news has surfaced regarding the highly anticipated game, Halo 3. The Legendary Edition’s case will be Master Cheif’s metal helmet and will contain four discs. The first disc will contain the game, the second a director’s commentary and documentaries, the third will have all the Red vs Blue episodes and the fourth will have all the cutscenes from Halo 1, 2 and 3.

There is also slated to be a bevy of new weapons including the following: Spiker, Spartan Laser (it can destroy a vehicle in a single hit) and Nail Grenade. A new vehicle will also debut in the game, called Mongoose. It will be like an ATV, can carry two people and does not have any weapons. The multi-player will allegedly have a canon that can shoot out people. Wow. This game will rock on so many levels. The release is currently slated for Fall 2007.