Sony abandons PSP Go upgrade plans

September 25, 2009

Sony announced today at TGS 2009 that owners of the PSP who upgrade to the PSP Go will not be able to download a copy of any games they own, despite previous claims to the contrary. Since the PSP Go does not have a UMD drive, previously purchased games will be rendered useless when you upgrade from a PSP to a PSP Go. It also means that anyone who purchased a PSP game in anticipation of getting a PSP will be unable to use those games if they get a PSP Go instead. 

This is a big blow to PSP owners who wanted to upgrade to the newer, sleek design as the game library they’ve built up over the past 4 years will suddenly become worthless and they’ll have to repurchase those games over the PSN in order to continue playing them. It is also yet another blow to the PSP Go, as a large portion of expected sales were going to be upgrades from PSP owners.