Sony Blacklists Kotaku

March 1, 2007

In a stunning move today, Sony has decided to blacklist the gaming blog Kotaku. The story in a nutshell is that Sony warned Kotaku not to post an [url=]upcoming article[/url] about a rumored new PS3 product/service called Playstation Home. Kotaku felt like the info they had was solid and published the story anyway. Sony informed them that the PS3 debug kit needed to be returned and they were un-invited from all future Sony media events and they would no longer be receiving emails from Sony regarding products.

Talk about a crazy turn of events. Kotaku must have really stolen Sony’s thunder for this to happen. I guess this just further validates the fact that the rumor was not quite a rumor. My only question is this… if you are in the position Sony is in where you are struggling, why would you turn your back on a site that averages about 360,000 visits a day? Does that make good business sense?

Furthermore, they had to know Kotaku would take the high road and let everyone know exactly what went down. You can read the full post from Kotaku [url=]here[/url].