Sony denies responsibility for Lik-Sang shut down

October 24, 2006

Since I know that Sony is the “big bad corporation” and it might be an unpopular thing to hear, I felt it was only right to provide the other side of the story regarding Lik-Sang’s announcement this morning that they were closing up shop and Sony was to blame. is carrying [url=]a story[/url] that Sony responded to the announcement this morning that points the finger at them as the reason for the closing of the popular gaming import site.

A few details that are of interest are the fact that the company being sued is actually Pacific Game Technology, which also does business as Lik-Sang. The case against Pacific Game Technology was for infringing on intellectual property rights. The most interesting part is:

[quote]Lik-Sang did not contest this case (i.e. they did not turn up and therefore incurred no legal costs). We have been awarded substantial costs against Lik-Sang which have not been paid[/quote]

So if Lik-Sang didn’t incur legal fees and never bothered to pay the awarded settlement to Sony, how exactly did this directly lead to them closing up shop? I’m going to have to flip flop on this issue and say that Lik-Sang is drumming up sympathy on a false pretense.

While I don’t really agree with the initial case I think it was silly for PGT to simply not show up and present a legal defense especially if they felt they were doing nothing wrong. That action coupled with directly blaming Sony for their problems despite the fact that they haven’t paid out a penny over this lawsuit just seems way too fishy for me. I’ll let you decide for yourself, but the fact remains that that Lik-Sang is no more.

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