Sony price increases in Canada? – UPDATED

January 26, 2007

It would seem that Sony has made a minor change, for the worse if you happen to live in Canada, to the pricing of the PS3 in Canada. Previously the 20GB was carrying a price of $549 CA and the 60GB was at $649 CA (with most places pricing it at $659 CA). A quick peek at [url=]FutureShop[/url] and [url=]Best Buy[/url] shows that the prices of the 60GB have been adjusted to $699 CA.

Neither store is carrying the 20GB version of the console online. What do you think about Sony upping the price of these consoles? This can’t go over well with the Canadian gamers.

I have an email out to Sony on the issue, I’ll update this if/when I get a response.

[b]Update:[/b] While we never got a reply back from Sony on this, Gamespot is reporting that the individual retailers jacked up the prices all on their own. So for now, there is no official price hike in Canada on PS3 hardware.