StarCraft 2 Causes Blizzard In Hell

May 19, 2007

StarCraft 2 was finally announced today, with a few screen shots available over at IGN. While millions of gamers impatiently wait, whine, weep, and pray for StarCraft 2 to zerg rush its way to store shelves, I’ll sit here pondering why it took so long for Blizzard to finally admit that StarCraft 2 was even in their corporate heads’ heads; after all, StarCraft 2 has been on the tips of gamers’ tongues for a full decade now.

After viewing the screenshots at IGN and reading their play-by-play of the South Korean event unveiling it, pretty much everything I expected was confirmed: from how it currently looks, StarCraft 2 is very much like the original StarCraft, with some polished graphics, but similar units and abilities and the same exact gameplay. Blizzard has also lifted the cap off the game’s [url=]official website[/url], offering more media for this hotly anticipated, yet largely unsurprising upcoming release.

While Warcraft and Warcraft II didn’t differ very much, it didn’t take ten years for Warcraft II to come out after Warcraft became popular. Until Blizzard proves that they aren’t just regurgitating most of the previous game into a new product for their slavering fans, the StarCraft 2 announcement and accompanying media gets a big, hearty helping of “meh” from me.