Sucker Punch makes big inFamous 2 announcement at GDC

March 1, 2011

Today at GDC, Sucker Punch made an announcement that they’ve been “waiting two years to make.” inFamous 2 will have the ability to play and make user-generated content. [UPDATE]: A video showing the missions creator is now posted after the break.

If you make a mission that is highly shared and rated in the user community, it will be put into the single-player game proper.

“What we saw as the biggest problem with InFamous was that, at some point, it ended…All of the good guys, all of the bad guys, all of the props that we built for the game — vehicles, weapons and other stuff — and then a whole bunch of special stuff we built just for making user-generated content. We figured we’d throw that all out there and let people create, because we think there are lots of people out there that dream of being a game designer, and this is our opportunity to give them the opportunity to share what they can do. To take all of this content we’ve built over the past two years and putting it together to make something we never thought possible.”, says Chris Zimmerman, director of development at Sucker Punch regarding this development.

The revealed mission types are: Defense, Escort, Search and Destroy, Survival, Shooting Gallery, Platforming, and Obstacle Course.

The best user-made missions will be marked similarly to the story missions in your game, if you have user-made markers turned on in your game, allowing you to load and play through them just as you would a normal mission.

Additionally, a public beta for InFamous 2 will be made available in April, with details on signing up for it to be made available on March 14.