Sudeki Giveaway!!

September 3, 2004

Before I begin with todays giveaway, allow me to announce the winner. The winner of yesterdays prize was Whoa, he will be receiving the MOH Warchest which comes with MOH Allied Assault and both expansions. Now onward with the giving of cool stuff.

Todays giveaway is actually pretty considering the game just came out like several weeks ago. Todays prize is a copy of Sudeki. I know alot of folks on the site who really like this game, so you won’t be let down. Todays challenge should be pretty simple this time. This is a topic very dear to my heart, so here we go. Good Luck!!

Who introduced me (Pretz) to the Xbox, and what was the first game I played on it??

Hint: The answer is somewhere on the site.

For those of you who have already won a prize, please restrain yourselves from posting an answer. *Cough*Crog*Cough*