Super Mario Tribute Assaults Ears, Childhood

April 11, 2007

In the right hands, game soundtracks can be a wonderful things, as can tribute pieces. A quick search on YouTube turns up more than a handful of pieces celebrating the hobby’s roots and more contemporary efforts, some to astonishing prowess. In the wrong hands, however, these musical celebrations offer only an epic assault on the senses, and much like a drunk driver, these misguided arangments serve only to slam into your childhood with the force of an out of control Buick Electra with the top down, the driver passed out in the passenger seat.

I can’t be certain, but from [url=]an early sample we were sent this morning[/url], I’m inclined to believe that composer Winifred Phillips’ upcoming Super Mario Brothers tribute track is one of the bad variety.

Honestly, the writing was on the wall, mainly because she spelled out ‘Brothers’ in the title. I mean, really, when have you ever seen that done in the series? Of course, that would be forgiven if the musical and aural accompanyment didn’t clash together like knives down a chalkboard.

It’s not as if Phillips is inexperienced when it comes to creating video games scores, having created original pieces for God of War, as well as the video game adaptations of The Da Vinci Code, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and the upcoming Shrek the Third. Did I mention God of War?

This latest music, such as it is, is to be part of muscial celebration of Generations Productions studio’s four years of contributions to the video game industry with an upcoming album titled ‘The Best of the Best: A Tribute to Game Music.’ This Super Mario Bros. piece, titled “Go Mario! (Super Mario Brothers),” was created by Phillips along with music producer Winnie Waldron, her long-time partner at Generations Productions, to celebrate Nintendo’s classic.

That’s all well and good. I’m just waiting for the ringing to stop.

The album will be available on May 1 exclusivly from [url=]Game Music Central[/url]. The album also includes music from The Legend of Zelda, Myst III: Exile, World of Warcraft, Metroid Prime, Medal of Honor, Final Fantasy, and others, each performed by a select group of celebrity video game composers.