Swag Attack: Free Frosty, Wii?

May 17, 2007

OK, as I have stated in the past, Nintendo likes to have fun when they mail stuff out out the press. I have cited many examples before (chocolate Donkey Kong coins, hamster food on a stick), but today’s arrival ranks among the top WTF moments we’ve had when opening boxes sent from our friends in Redmond.

Today a smallish box showed up containing a healthy slew of green and white confetti (seriously, does Nintendo get a discount on this stuff?), with a plastic cup hidden inside. The cup was branded with the Wendy’s fast food chain’s logo, with a link to [url=http://www.frostyfloat.com/]http://www.frostyfloat.com/[/url].

Not much other info was included, save for a scroll of paper saying more information is coming on May 21. Similarly, the website linked there is counting down to that date as well. So, I presume there is going to be some sort of Wii giveaway, so you can work off those triple patty cheeseburgers.

I’m hungry. Thankfully the cup contained a coupon for a free frosty. I’m on my way!