Swag Attack: Lost In Blue 2

March 27, 2007

After a rather stressful morning, I found myself open to anything that could cheer me up. That ‘something’ came care of Konami and a rather large box filled with all manner of goodies promoting the recently shipped Lost in Blue 2 for the Nintendo DS. Konami has always had a knack for weird and wonderful swag, from Silent Hill 4: The Room’s gelatinous eyeball submerged in red jelly, to the overly sexed wall calendar packed in with the original Rumble Roses’ press kit.

Today’s offerings were perhaps more tame, but no less fun. Besides the customary video game t-shirt, the package contained a feux leather Lost in Blue 2 branded journal, a stylus made to look like a piece of wood, and yes, even a ‘Worst Case Scenerio’ survival guide (which promises not only to teach me how to survive a shark attack, but also how to ‘take a blow to the head’). Useful!

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