Taking a chance

November 18, 2004

I bet Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball was not on your game radar. It came out this week with a slew of amazing titles. No doubt since it is about the sport of paintball, it did not get that much run. Be that as it may, I have recently picked up paintballing along with Pretz on the weekends. So it peeked my interest when I heard it was going to come out. It’s not a bad buy, released about 10 dollars less then other new releases. It plays well, however those of you FPS monster killing, fragging, dominating, type people might not dig it. It’s very much, uh, paintball. Angles, speed, and of course gear. It has all the name brands in real life. I enjoy it so far, though I have yet to jump on Xbox Live with it. Rent it; give some of the lesser titles a chance!