TGS 2006: Xbox 360 to get 1080p

September 20, 2006

Another surpise revealed by Microsoft today is that they have plans to release a software update for the 360 that enables 1080p output. This is one of the features that the PS3 had previously touted as exclusive to their console. Microsoft didn’t say when the patch would be available, but they did affirm that they would probably not be producing native 1080p content and didn’t expect other developers to either.

This sounds more like a PR move for all those specs junkies that will compare every feature of the new consoles to crown a “king”. Microsoft also mentioned that the patch would enable upscaling of standard DVD content to HD resolutions. That means the Xbox 360 is now an upscaling DVD, HD-DVD playing, next gen game machine with 1080p. Sounds pretty good to me. I can’t wait.