November 9, 2004

I must say that we here at Snackbar love you guys. The community here at Snackbar is the what keeps us going. The Halo 2 Midnight Madness at EB Games was awesome. We met som really cool people, gave away tons of stuff, fed a ton of people, and lastly we all got our copies of Halo 2. We were very happy to see hundreds of people at the Halo 2 event last night. Congratulations to all of you folks who won the copies of Halo 2 and other cool schwag.

We also want to thank The Wraith, Turtle, Jaxa, Man U, Wampa, Copius, Drac, and I know I’m forgetting some people so I’m sorry if I forgot you but we love you. You guys did a hell of a job yesterday pulling the event off without a problem. You guys are AWESOME! There was so much going on yesterday that it’s hard to describe in this post. So hopefully I can put something together with all the footage and interviews I got on tape. Stay tuned for that. But for now we can post some pics here soon. Again I just want to say to the entire Snackbar community that all of you guys freaking RULE!