The Cover Project

September 28, 2006

We have been running The GBA DS Cover Project for what seems like an eternity now. With over 1200 covers now available I think it’s high time that this little project got its own home. With that I would like to official unveil The Cover Project’s [url=]new home[/url]. This site is still in beta, but the forums are open and there is plenty of stuff to download. I won’t be taking down the existing project until 100% of the content has been moved and I am sure there are no problems with the site.

I also selected a different forum software for this site. Instead of using phpBB we went with [url=]SMF[/url], which I think is an incredible piece of software and may be something we move to in the near future. If you’d like to stop by just to check out the forums I would highly recommend it.