The Good Ol Days

January 16, 2005

I must say that I really miss playing Battlefield Vietnam with the crew. Last night we had a reunion for old time sake. Atomz, Mott, Whoa, Undies, Rico, Furious, Crog were all present causing some mayhem. I must say the game still rules and is still a site favorite. We will definitely get together again and blow stuff up. If your interested in joining us, you can find all the info on times and dates in our Battlefield thread. We also get together via teamspeak, so hit us up and we can give you all the info. This is what Snackbar is all about folks, getting together as a community and getting some good quality gaming in. Hit us up!!

Also speaking of Battlefield, we will definitely be hooking it up with Battlefield 2 when it hits stores, so be looking for that soon.