The irony

December 10, 2004

The ironic part of our tale is that after not getting my game and contacting Blockbuster directly I got an email from the District Manager. He was super helpful and went out of his way to acquire a copy of the game for me and drop it off at the Babcock and Prue Gamerush. I picked it up today and I can only assume the Gamerush manager over there, we will call him [url=]Migs,[/url] (hey that is an awful lot like a new forum user we have, how quaint) was having a bad day because he has been a little harsh on the forums.

Migs must have either been pissed that I got my game and had to go over his head to do it or he is mad that as an employee he never got games he preordered and here I am getting my game in less than a week. Whatever the case may be, I appreciate the support and help from the DM, Daniel. I look forward to helping him improve customer service in his district and for the time being the only Rush store you should go to is Huebner and NW Military. Ask for Phil. If Phil is not available, then you are shopping at your own risk.

This whole thing is going to spawn a new feature around here as well as a possible list of endorsed stores that I feel comfortable sending you to. Look for both in the near future.