The King Returns!!

December 16, 2003

Yeah boy!! LOTR:Return of the King will be opening tonight at midnight and unfortunately I will not be there. But I do have tickets to a showing tommorrow. I hope all you LOTR fans are gearing up for what is looking to be the best film of the trilogy. I’m sure Pickle or Snowcone will have a post up tonight or tommorrow talking about how much the movie kicked ass.

You know, you would expect that the gaming industry would release a slew of games right before Christmas, but no. It seems that I can’t find any good titles that are being released before next week. Oh well, I guess we have to wait until next year. Also Nvidia will be hosting a $30K Halo PC tournament in Dallas which starts today. At the tournament they will also feature games such as Battlefield: Vietnam, Unreal Tournament 2004, and Painkiller. Wish I could make it to win $30K, but unfortunately the tournament starts today and I just don’t have time. But if any of you Snackbarians end up in Dallas today make sure to enter and win.