The Man Behind Madden Launches D2C Games, Emphasizes Casual Fun

March 1, 2007

Today Scott Orr, the man who oversaw EA’s original John Madden Football and NHL Hockey launched a new publishing and development studio called D2C Games designed to bring casual, episodic games to multiple platforms, with particular interest in the PSP.

I spoke with Orr for my day job at Gamasutra which is fairly interesting reading, if I do say so myself. Essentially, D2C is making casual real-time strategy sports games and episodic sci fi and horror games for multiple platforms, from next-gen consoles to mobile phones and PCs.

“Our games will appeal to casual gamers as well as hard core gamers who simply don’t have the time to devote hours to a game,” Orr commented in the interview, “but who still want to be able to team up and play with friends. Social networking is a key driver that is going to set us apart, allowing users to create game content and personalize the game.”

They are also hitting the PSP hard with the launch of DA