The Stereotypical Game Name…Game

March 17, 2007

Recently a number of my coworkers over at CMP Media, including editors of Gamasutra and Game Developer magazine, set to the task of coming up with the most stereotypical video game name imaginable, the results of which came following arduous bouts of creativity.

Game Developer/Gamasutra EIC Simon Carless has [url=]posted up the challenge’s notable entries[/url], listed below, including my rather gnarly “Final Fantasy VII: The Black Gate: Part Two” – a name that not only dates me, but also fittingly sums up my impression of just about every role-playing game that comes my way.

Anyway, on with the names:

– “Quaternion: The Beige-ning”
– “WWII: World War II”
– “Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s Call Of Duty: Revenge Of Duty”
– “Pauly Shore’s XTREME Nude Wakeboarding II: The Awakening”
– “Final Fantasy VII: The Black Gate: Part Two”

So, what sorts of stereotypical game names summarize the industry for you?