The Winds of Change

September 12, 2006

So there has been a lot going on here at Snackbar Games. This past week we added a new writer who goes by the name of Aceinet. He is a vet and is going to be a welcome addition to the writing team.

Yesterday we also launched the beginning of the online presence of [url=]Snackbar Media[/url], the parent company of Snackbar Games. The website is very simple for now, but will serve as the central corporate hub for everything under our umbrella.

Last and closest to my heart is the news that we are going to be splintering off the GBA DS Cover Project to it’s own website. That’s right, the GBA DS Cover Project in it’s current state will cease to exist and it will be replaced with an awesome site that will eventually be the number one cover site on the net. Once that site goes live it will be located at

Look forward to more exciting news as Snackbar Media and all of our sites continue to grow.