The Winner Is…

December 14, 2004

Spike TV is having their video game awards right now. I am very impressed with how the show looks and how it is presented. The gamers look cool, not lazy, not nerdy, but cool. I will update you after it is done with the winners so the debating can begin.

Oh yeah, its hosted by Snopp Dogg, that’s fucking cool.


Winners are in

GTA San Andreas – Game of the Year
Burnout 3 – Most Addicting Game
Madden 2004 – Best Sports Game
Fable – RPG of the Year
GTA San Andreas – Best Soundtrack
Halo 2 – Best Designers
Game Informer – Best Gaming Publication – Best Gaming Site
Call of Duty: Finest Hour – Best Military Game
Might and Magic – Best Wireless Game
Half Life 2 – Best PC Game
The Chronicles of Riddick: EFBB – Best Game Based on Movie
Samuel L Jackson in GTA, San Andreas – Best Performance
Mortal Kombat: Deceptions – Best Fighting Game
GTA San Andreas – Best Action Game
Half Life 2 – Best Graphics
Nintendo DS – Best New Technology
Metroid: Zero Mission – Best Handheld Game
City of Heroes – Best MMO

I have been checking gaming forums, and they are tearing this show to shreds, which I expected. However, I didn’t think it was that bad. I mean it’s for the masses. If your on this site you more then likely know the dealings of our industry, so you might not agree with a lot of the winners. As far as a show, not bad, not too bad at all.

Oh and I am prepared for any Motley Crue slams I receive, dammit, sometimes my love for hair bands is my downfall.