Time to buy Take-Two stock

January 28, 2006

With all the trouble of GTA: San Andreas and a new lawsuit related to that, Take-Two’s stock has dropped quite a bit. Any of you investors out there may find that the time to buy Take-Two stock will be in the next few weeks/months. I don’t see Take-Two going out of business or anything like that. They are a huge company after all. I think they just need to get these GTA problems behind them, refocus, and of course the stocks will go back up.

Now if only I had some money to invest in their stock. I wouldn’t mind getting a few bucks out of it down the road. One man’s failure is another man’s success.

Source: [url=http://www.joystiq.com/2006/01/27/take-two-on-the-ropes-shares-down-18-on-cash-burn-worries/]Joystiq[/url] again? Does anyone else have any news today?