Tone down the boobs please

January 24, 2006

So, it looks like E3 will actually be enforcing its own rules. For some time there were decency rules which were pretty much related to how the booth babes dressed. Now, I love half naked (and fully naked) women as much as the next guy, but E3 is supposed to be about games. If I wanted to go to a convention with a bunch of women… well, I’d find one to go to.

The interesting part is that the decency rules at E3 have always been in effect, but never really enforced like they should be. Well, now if a woman (or anyone for that matter) is dressed in an indecent manner, they will get a warning to cover up or be fined $5,000.

They make mention of less provocative clothing and no bathing suit bottoms, which I guess means thongs and whatnot. I’m guessing bathing suit tops are ok.

I’d like to thank [url=]Gamespot[/url] for this piece of news. Like I said, I love half naked women. I really really do. Even so, I don’t want them there. The event is about gaming. If there are half naked women in the games, then so be it, but otherwise, they don’t belong.