UK Gaming Mags

June 22, 2004

If this next story is true, I just want to extend a wonderful thank you to the UK gaming media for royally screwing this one up. There have been accusations made by a forum user on the Inquirer stating that certain companies are releasing pre-release review copies of games only in exchange for a guaranteed review score. The informant who goes by the name of “Jell” says he works for a UK gaming magazine and that Atari’s PR folk have demaneded an 9/10 score for early review code of DRIV3R. The article also names Capcom’s PR reps as demanding an 8/10 for Devil May Cry 2 and Sega’s European Division asking for an 8/10 for Sonic Heroes.

If this is in fact the case, I want to thank them for confirming the fears of gamers everywhere. The fear that people writing reviews have been “paid off” is a common theory amongst gamers and now it appears that at least one part of the gaming industry is guilty of this horrendous practice. Rest assured that this does not take place here. Heck, we still have to buy games to review them.

The Inq makes note that this story has not been confirmed yet, but we will keep you updated as things unfold.