UK Wii Owners Uncover Secret VC ‘Warp Zone’

February 23, 2007

The Wii has always been defined by its secrets, from its unique control scheme to the functionality hidden behind its numerous flaps and doors. It would seem, however, that months after its global debut, secrets are still coming to light.

A new [url=]online report[/url] has found that UK owners of the Wii have uncovered a “secret area” in their Virtual Console, which apparently houses facts and trivia about Nintendo and its games, beginning with a look back at everyone’s favorite pink marshmallow, Kirby.

According to the report, UK Wii users have found a smallish smiley face on the Virtual Console menu, and if you click it, you get this message:

[quote]Welcome to the Warp Zone! … Congratulations, you’ve discovered the Virtual Console’s hidden area. This is your secret doorway into another dimension; a portal into the past, if you will.[/quote]

So, for those of you in the UK, have you found this? Do tell!