Universomo To Bring Sega Franchises To Mobile Phones

February 27, 2007

Officials from Sega announced that the company has partnered with European mobile developer Universomo to bring several of Segas more well known series to the mobile platform.

Currently Universomo has two Sega titles in development, which are expected to launch this spring. In addition of the game design and development Universomo takes care of the porting of both games as well.

“Universomo really understands Sega product and have been excellent in keeping to original designs while also adding their own spin and taking our well known brands to a new level of quality,” commented Glenn Wissner, senior producer for Sega of America. “They meet their objectives and often exceed our expectation in the areas of game design, playability and art direction. I look forward to working with Universomo on future games and would highly recommend them as a mobile game developer.”