Venture out once more

May 1, 2004

I have once more ventured to the immature world of online gaming via Xbox Live. Xbox Live as you know is a paradise for kids who have been picked on their whole lives to finally take some of their aggression out on others. They then of course proceed to run their mouths knowing full well they are in the safety of their living room. What is it about anonymity that creates monsters? I know Soda used to say, “Next thirteen year old I meet I am going to punch him in the face”. If you have online gamed or been on Xbox Live before haven’t you ever wanted to ask a random kid if he has an Xbox Live account? You know full well if the answer is yes, then that innocent looking freckled faced epitome of insecurity is in fact one of the many that make your online gaming a preverbal hell.

Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow is one of these games, the kind that takes you to that hell, or paradise, depending on how good you are or how much a dick head you are. I have yet to run into the now infamous “unpluggers” though. The “unpluggers” for those that have not met them are the people who bail out before a loss in order to preserve their rank and stats. You remember him from Warcraft and Starcraft right? Yeah, he’s fucking back.

The gamers of SC II just know how to completely rock your world. I would strongly suggest against playing outside your friends list if you are not in fact great to ungodly at this game. A rank of three means almost certain embarrassment. I know many would read this and simply say “get better” and that is a valid point, however you must start somewhere; and when a spy makes his way to the spawn point and uses gas then proceeds to thump every time you regain conciseness until you die is beyond the scope of the game, one would assume that is. Then again assumption is the mother of all fuck ups (thank you Under Siege II).

Yes its fun. No do not play with people you don’t know.

I will speak more on Hitman Contracts here soon; just know that I play it with style!