VH1 Giving Away Wii In 80s Contest

March 27, 2007

The word on the street is that Nintendo’s five month old Wii is still a rare find outside of eBay and back room dealings. However, music television network VH1 has announced that it plans to give away one of the consoles to a lucky winner, along with a very healthy cache of 10,000 Wii Points for online shopping. And heck, they are even throwing in a Nintendo t-shirt and cap, too.

To enter, [url=http://www.vh1gamebreak.com/contest.html]register on VH1’s forums[/url] and leave a comment telling your favorite anecdote about playing old school 80s games and how those sorts of games shaped your life. You have to write between 40 and 100 words or you’ll be disqualified. Make it funny, weird, sad, whatever. But definitely make it old school. My tale would probably be about staying up for 32 hours playing Phantasy Star, or how I would scrawl NES passwords on the outside of my Trapper Keeper – a practice that had me confronted by a pair of teachers concerned that they were Satanic scribblings. Joy!

Start thinking today. The contest ends on Friday, March 30. Winners will be announced next Monday morning.