Video Games at your local Theatre?

August 20, 2004

It just might be true. There is a [url=]story[/url] on MSNBC that talks about a small theatre having Halo tourneys for $60/team entry fee (yikes). The only part of the article that annoys me is this:
[quote]Parents beware: If you didn’t think video games could get more addictive for your kids, think again.[/quote]
Was that really necessary? The rest of the article was good and here I am thinking that the author is a video game hating idiot.

At any rate, it would be very slick to have weekly console parties at a local theatre. I don’t think anything would be cooler than seeing Master Chief 10′ tall on the big screen. I can only imagine this concept will spread amongst independantly owned theatres nationwide if it generates a sizeable revenue.