December 18, 2003

I don’t personally know a lot of people that liked Viewtiful Joe, but I know there are quite a few out there so this news is for you. Apparently the man in charge of VJ, Hideki Kamiya, updated his personal column on the Capcom website with details of a VJ Revival game that is soon to be released. The game is set to be a remake of the current VJ game with a lower price tag and an added level of difficulty. The column also mentions an upcoming VJ game, but is very vauge on any details. You can read a little more at IGN or at the original column of Hideki Kamiya.

Finally the US is getting a limited edition GBA SP. Unfortunately, I think it is rather weak compared to the Famicon styled ones that blessed Japan. The two-tone portables feature a platinum base and an onyx lid. The console will be out on February 9th and is being released to celebrate the best year for the 14th year old device.