Virtual Console Monday – 01.14.2008 (Pac-Attack, Riot Zone)

January 14, 2008

With the post holiday gaming lull in full effect, only 2 new additions are headed to the Wii Shop Channel this week: Pac-Attack (SNES) and Riot Zone (TG-16). Pac-Attack is a quirky puzzle game featuring Pac-Man in a rare appearance outside his typical maze environment and Riot Zone is a standard early 90s side-scrolling fighter game.

Both titles will be available today at 9am PST for 800 Wii Points. Hit the jump for a full summary of this week’s titles.

Pac-Attack (Super NES, 1-2 players, Rated E for Everyone, 800 Wii Points): Pac-Man makes a rare appearance outside of a maze environment in Pac-Attack, a fun and quirky puzzle game. This unique entry in the genre puts its own twist on established conventions and adds one of gaming’s most iconic characters to the mix. The goal is simple: Keep your screen clear of falling blocks and ghosts by lining up blocks horizontally, causing them to disappear. Clearing the ghosts, though, requires the help of a hungry Pac-Man (who just happens to swing by every so often for a snack). It’s up to you to get all of the ghosts lined up for him, because Pac-Man will keep eating them until he is stopped by a block or he runs out of ghosts. In addition, his range of movement on the playing field is limited to horizontal or downwardA