Virtual Console Monday – 11.26.2007 (Double Dribble, Vegas Stakes, Ecco Jr.)

November 27, 2007

As we all come out of our tryptophan induced comas, Nintendo has greeted us with a trio of new VC titles. This week’s goodies include Double Dribble (NES), Vegas Stakes (Super NES), and Ecco Jr. (Genesis).

I never was a big fan of Ecco and I didn’t own a SNES as a kid, but Double Dribble was one of my favorite games for the NES. I’d be willing to bet that it hasn’t aged quite as gracefully as some of the other NES titles out there. Despite my urge to buy it immediately, I may hold off and see if the sense of nostalgia wears off so I don’t ruin another childhood memory. Hit the jump for full details on this weeks releases.