WASD on your 360

November 27, 2006

PC Gamers already know what I am about to say, but those of you with roots in the console world may not. Forever, the argument of keyboard and mouse vs console controller has raged on, well at least since consoles got solid FPS titles. Resolving that argument may become a moot point very soon as unofficial keyboard and mouse support is on the horizon. A company called [url=http://www.xcm.cc/]XCM[/url] has a product in beta called the [url=http://www.xcm.cc/xcm_xfps_360.htm]XFPS 360[/url].

The device is a USB based dongle that allows you to plug in a Dual Shock 2 controller or a mouse and keyboard. This is a pretty slick device that should be very well received by PC gamers looking to get in on some of the 360 exclusives that are out right now.