What a busy week!

March 25, 2006

Wow… this week has been [b]quite[/b] hectic for me. I do apologize that I have not had the time to post any news, but I haven’t even had the time to play any video games. That’s right… I was [b]that[/b] busy. Between getting my car back from the shop, finding the money to pay the deductable, going to my grandfather’s funeral, and trying to put the little money I have into my upcoming wedding, I have been a busy man.

But wait! I have returned, and hopefully it’s to post some news more than once a week. The next couple of weeks should be good for me, so get ready to see more of my mug on this page.

I apologize again for my absence and lack of posting, but I will do my best to make up for it, especially with E3 drawing closer and closer.