What would you like?

March 14, 2006

Since this site is driven by the community and for the community, that means that all the aspects fall under that category. The podcast is one of them. The staff and myself have been hard at work trying to put together a podcast that everyone will enjoy and it will also be relevant to gamers. My vision for the podcast is simply that it be one of the top entertaining gaming podcast online. In order to achieve that goal, we must listen to what the people want. This is a time where you can sign off and let us know what you would like hear on our podcast.

We want to know what we can improve on, what additions would compliment the podcast. What topics and subjects you would like to hear on the cast. How we can get the community involved more. We also want to know if we need to get rid of certain aspects of the current format. This is your time to let it all hang out, quite hoenstly you are the reason the podcast has done good so far. So lets make it better, we need your help. The ultimate question is, How can the Snackbar Games Podcast stand out above the rest?