Wii Motion Plus impressions

June 18, 2009

Having skipped E3 this year, I didn’t get a chance to actually try out any games with Wii Motion Plus capabilities. I played Grand Slam Tennis over the weekend, but sans WMP. To rectify that issue, I ran over to Costco yesterday and got a copy of Tiger 10. Costco has the Tiger 10 + WMP bundle for $54, arguably the best deal out there right now.

I checked out Tiger 10 first and holy cow. WMP is way more sensitive than I ever expected. The real time display that shows the angle of the club head blew my mind. I practiced a little and went through the full tutorial to get a feel for it. I can definitely see how this is going to make Tiger 10 the most realistic golf experience out there, besides maybe heading to a real course. It was so precise that my real life inability to hit a golf ball straight made the perfect transition and I was slicing balls left and right the entire time.

Next up I headed back to Grand Slam Tennis to see how the addition of WMP improved the gameplay and I was very surprised. I actually felt like I had LESS control than without it. Every minute movement of the remote caused my player to shift or move on the court and I had to make an extra effort to NOT move in between shots. I also had to make my movements a lot less exaggerated than before. My character also moved in some strange and unnatural ways that just really killed the realism of the game. I still need to play through a few sets with it to see if maybe there is just a learning curve here that I didn’t get past last night.

I’ll be sure to cover Grand Slam Tennis and Tiger 10 with and without the Wii Motion Plus in case any of you out there decide to spring for the non bundle version.