Wii Sports Resort first impressions

July 23, 2009

The family and I have been playing Wii Sports Resort all week and so far I am very happy with it. It’s less like the original Wii Sports and more like Wii Play, but it’s an absolute blast. The games were made for WiiMotion Plus and do a great job of showcasing the capabilities of that little device.

At $50, some people will be hesitant to purchase what amounts to a very fun tech demo. The standalone WiiMotion Plus unit is $25 and is bundled with Wii Sports Resort so you figure it really only costs you $25 for the game. If it’s anything like the original Wii Sports, people may spend more time playing that than they will any other game out for the Wii.

A full review is forthcoming, but it still seems like a solid bargain for anyone looking to pick up a WiiMotion Plus. Your other bundle option for the WMP is of course Tiger Woods, which is also a great game.