Wii VC Gets Air Zonk, Devil’s Crush In July

June 29, 2007

While Nintendo not-so-secretly hatches its plans for original downloadable games for the Wii, the company’s never ending onslaught of classic titles for the Wii Virtual Console marches on, as Hudson has confirmed an additional four games hitting the service in July. Chief among these are the futuristic Bonk spin off Air Zonk and hellish electronic pinball game Devil’s Crush.

While no firm dates for these games have been confirmed by Hudson, the company has revealed that the reptilian shooter Dragon Spirit will be among next Monday’s regular Wii VC releases.

Beyond these three games, the quality in Turbografx releases does fall off a bit, however, with largely forgettable titles such as early anime FPS Silent Debuggers and puzzler Drop Off also expected in July.

Each of these games will carry an asking price of 600 Wii Points ($6).