October 16, 2004

I am a huge fan of first person shooters, you can tell by all the reviews I have done. It’s just my favorite genre hands down. I have been reading alot about Tribes Vengeance for quite sometime now, and so I was expecting a big turnout for the title. Unfortunately to my dismay I must say that this is THE WORST FPS OF ALL TIME!!! You have no control of the game, you can’t manuever, you can’t get a kill without killing yourself in the process, you actually get more team kills than enemy kills, the graphics suck majorly, the whole jet pack thing really blows, there is just massive chaos during the entire game, you can’t see crap on the map, it takes you 20 minutes to get to the other side of the map. THIS IS THE WORST FPS OF ALL TIME, HANDS DOWN! For the record I did play this game for a good hour, I tried different maps, I changed my controls on my keyboard to make me feel comfortable, I even played with a friend to make the experience pleasing. The game is like duck hunt on speed, crack, and heroine all together. THE GAME IS THE WORST FPS I HAVE EVER PLAYED!! I do not recommend buying, renting, or even playing this game. I’m Pretz and I’m broadcasting live from the Xtreme Gaming Cyber Cafe!! Peace!