March 17, 2004

Gaming perfection is an impossible task. Many games come out that are very close to perfection in their genre, and then even those games become a standard to build from. MVP Baseball 2004 is one of those games. Finally a sports game that’s in my opinion has reached a high level of game design and execution. A level only reached before by FIFA 2003 and 2004; now Major League Baseball has a share of the few games that can be called excellent. The game captures the total feel of major league baseball down to the minute details of how to run a franchise. For those that want total control you get TOTAL control of every team in the club AA, AAA, and MLB. You can play every game in each of the minor league teams as well as the MLB teams. You can move up and down players, sign free agents, sign young players and raise them up through your farm team, trade for farm team prospects, I mean name it you can do it. Best part is if you do not want to bother with all that, then you can sim most every step of the way. My goodness this game is more then good, its like, well, like the baseball game I have always wanted.