WWE to lay the Smackdown

October 20, 2004

I have really gotten out of the habit of posting all the gaming news each day because I have come to terms that we are not and never will be Gamespot, but I do like to comment on certain things happening in the industry. Take for example, the story posted today that the WWE is filing a massive lawsuit against THQ and Jakks, the people currently holding the WWE license for video games, alleging bribery and racketeering. You can read the full details on [url=http://www.gamespot.com/news/2004/10/19/news_6110915.html]Gamespot[/url], but it is a story right out of a mobster movie (minus all the whacking).

The bottom line is that the WWE is saying the license was obtained by a very tricky bribe and they want the license agreement nullified. The contract was not set to expire until 2009. I haven’t enjoyed a wrestling game since WCW vs NWO came out for N64 so I think it is safe to say that THQ has not done a very good job with the license. Just think how awesome a fully licensed wrestling game using the Def Jam engines would be? Yeah, they might actually be good albeit a little over the top. Needless to say, I hope WWE wins their suit and gets the license to one of the better developers out there. I don’t watch wrestling anymore, but I know that there are a ton of wrestling fans out there that deserve a top notch game.